From Dorothy’s Niece Val

Hi loves

Q. Remembering dots work history

I am not sure how much help I can be but I will try as best I may.  I think Mums first job after arrival was on the Pennington hostel SA itself for a brief time, then I believe she went on to the Hoyts cinema in Rundle mall as an usherette      (I think it was Hoyts) not too sure what came after hat I think it was Godfreys in Rundle Mall ( it was street back then) another job was with Dalgety’s not sure what she did there but she managed to get me some part time temp work doing wine tastings, how she managed that I have absolutely no idea but they took me on and I did that for some time,  around that time Mum also managed to get my Dad an interview as storeman at Dalgety’s a job he very much enjoyed your Mum was always very generous in sharing her contacts.

I think her next place was with Mytton Rodd as a rep selling the flat ware and silverware that was where she got to know so many other people including  another employer called Bob Pummeroy he set up in Edments Building as a supplier of Jewellery and Mum went to work for him,  she also convinced him he needed someone in the office while they were both out on the road selling and again somehow managed to talk him into giving me that job we both really enjoyed working for Bob but the sales were just not enough and we soon found ourselves back looking for work.  Come to think of it that could be when Mum worked for Dalgety’’s its difficult to remember the timeline. 

I think that is also when Mum got me a job as a demonstrator for Wedgewood , which led to a placement in Edments which then led to a job for Edments which I had for fourteen years.  Meanwhile Mum went on to bigger things I think that was when she went to work for Harris Scarfe, she had become friends with the Jewellery buyers when working for Bob and I think they were a bit help.  I think this was a job mum really enjoyed Pete always said she could sell a fridge to an Eskimo.  I am not sure what came next I think it could have been the kiosk in Mildura and after that the store at Wasleys ( I think). 

Your Mum was a very generous person I remember her making a bridesmaid dress for my sister when I was married and also for Maureen as my bridesmaid also sorry Therese.

Mum and Dad were always willing to lend a hand if it was cementing, sewing and even in helping me organise Mike and Sues Wedding something I took on but with which she was an enormous help along with a couple of her friends she enlisted as waiters.  Nothing was impossible for her even to building a pool in the backyard, hard work but rewarding to have a swim on a hot day.  I also remember you giving Ann a guinea pig I said but we have no cage not to worry says mum we have bits left over from the room out the back Stan can help there and lo and behold a guinea pig home.  I am sure I have missed things out as far as jobs were concerned your Mum was such a hard worker and never unemployed so far as I can remember.

I will have a look for photos for you but doubt I have any that you do not, something else your dad took the only photos of my wedding to Pete that we ever had  such a gift.

Sorry crying a bit now so will end lots of love to you both I will miss Dottie so much  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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