It's always a good Time to support charities and worthy funds

Dorothy and her wider family and friends all love the work done by Rose and her team at Barossa Wildlife Rescue. Rose has been dedicated and committed to native, and where necessary, domestic animal welfare for decades. She worked to privately pay for the funds needed for food, medicine, vet support and the personal expenses which go toward travelling to rescue as well as a dedicated, registered home refuge for these animals. 

Rose has a powerful band of locals, especially school kids who have been volunteering for years. 

Dorothy would be chuffed to know that in lieu of flowers we are asking people to donate funds to the non-for-profit organisation we love and cherish called Barossa Wildlife Rescue.

EFT is the best way to make a donation

Please note ‘Dorothy Creed’ on your notification

EFT:        BSB No. 085 599        Account no. 946543997

or go to the FB page for contact details

Closley Related?

Barossa Wildlife Rescue was a primary carer and support for Koalas during the horrific bushfires of 2020

Birds of a feather!

Kookaburra and Tawny Frogmouth joining forces in recovery.

Cheeky as possums always are

tucker time is the best time.

Stoic in the face of challenges

Such fragile creatures but fierce predators.